Accountancy support for self-employed, contractors and consultants

Are you self-employed? A consultant? A company director or perhaps a landlord? These are just some of the instances where you’ll need experienced accounting support.

We’ll help with all you need to keep yourself compliant. We cover –

Property rental
Whether a single property or a portfolio, we’ll use our extensive experience in this area to ensure that you minimise your tax liabilities. Given recent changes in mortgage interest tax relief, we’ll also advise on whether you should move the property into a limited company.

Company directors
If this is you, you may be receiving additional income not collected via the PAYE mechanism. We’ll ensure that all your income is correctly accounted for. We’ll also undertake an annual review to identify all available tax planning opportunities.

Do you enjoy high levels of savings or investment income?
We’ll check that you minimise your tax liabilities on any savings and investment income by claiming all available reliefs.

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