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Of all the types of business we support, we have a particular affinity for start-ups. Why should that be? Simply because, we were once start-ups ourselves. For us, it’s a privilege to work with entrepreneurs – helping them along the road from launch to established success. From day one, this road is rarely straight or flat – it can be a roller-coaster with plenty of peaks and pitfalls along the way. Our role is to be your guiding hand, whether seas are choppy or calm.

Company status and VAT registration
We understand that not everyone setting out in business is familiar with the necessary financial requirements. Should you operate as a limited company, a partnership or as a self-employed solo-professional? Should you register for VAT? If so, under which scheme? These are all questions you’ll need to address from day one – and they’re questions that we’re here to help you answer.

Expert accountancy guidance from day one
Even before you’ve got your business off the ground, we’ll give you the guidance and business advice you need to turn your business idea into a viable proposition.

We’ll help with your business plan and, through our network of contacts, we’ll put you in touch with banks, solicitors and other essential experts who will help get you up and running.

Accountancy software
If your business is to succeed, then staying on top of your finances at the early stages is vital. We’ll recommend the best accountancy software package and help you implement it with a comprehensive training package. This will save you countless hours of time simply by automating many of your basic bookkeeping functions. We’ll follow this up with all the ongoing support you need.

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