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Family companies – optimal salary for 2019/20

For personal and family companies it can be beneficial to extract some profits in the form of a salary. Where the individual does not have the 35 qualifying years necessary to qualify for the full single-tier state pension, paying a salary which is equal to or above...

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Director’s salary or bonus?

Given current tax rates, paying a dividend rather than a salary will often be a more cost-effective way of withdrawing profits from a company. Tax is currently payable on any dividend income received over the £2,000 annual dividend allowance at the following rates: 5%...

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Optimising tax-free benefits in family companies

Making use of statutory exemptions for certain benefits-in-kind offers an opportunity to extract funds from a family company without triggering a tax charge. The essential point to note is that to make the tax saving, the benefit itself, rather than the funds with...

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